3rd Step –

There won’t be anything to tell you when it’s time to start healing… to start loving yourself enough, to truly forgive yourself… or so I thought. For me… I see – it’s time. Time to push even deeper, so the parts of my past still drowning in my eyelids can dry up… I do know that. And I know that it’s time to push forward so judgements have no lasting sting. After all… other people’s opinions of me are not my business; I want to fully embrace this idea. I’m told the answer lies in getting it ALL out… without a single piece left unturned.

All? ALL.

… the next time I hear a new version of my old story get told through the mouths of others, it will have zero value, for the truth will already exist out-loud, in my own words. I know without a doubt, my emotional sobriety depends on this – so my life depends on this… that’s where I left off. There still isn’t a “third door” option… but the solution STILL exists – if you want what they’ve got, you’ve got to do what they do – on to the third step… heal my friend ❤️


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