“It starts with YOUR thoughts”

One thing I’ve noticed about living a more authentic truthful life… not everyone is ready for the truth — and although the truth may not be negative, sometimes things can affect many people, completely out of anyone’s control. It can affect friendships, relationships, even families. And there’s always a truth not told, it’s told incorrectly, or one party is usually missing from the situation and well… if a judgement is made on that… I’m confused. That sounds like bullshit to me. I find that living a more honest life works for me and the goal is not to be hurtful, but to live with a clearer more peaceful mind. For me… No more hiding = tons of freedom and a great night’s sleep. Yes please!

It’s ok if part of their story comes out in yours, especially when they wrote themselves in… don’t panic… this too shall pass ❤️


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