You decide – it’s your ending.

And yet….

Yes that is what happened, no reason to run – plant your feet firmly and refuse to budge. There is only one way out and that is getting through whatever it is holding you back. 

You could… Go ahead and ignore it, let it manifest, let it take hold of your mind and build resentments or just simply let it take over your mind so you can dwell on it until you can’t breathe or function. OR…

Grab a hold of someone walking the same path and live your truth – live through your inner self – the one you’ve been protecting. We’ve told each other to suck it up and be a big girl/boy for too long – yes, there is a time for that strength too. The footwork is still your responsibility. However, nobody ever said we had to do it alone — OR…

I just thought I would get the conversation started, so many things to try, start talking… ❤


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