Step into change –

I realize it may look like bullshit sometimes, like I’m full of nothing, but fluff and pink cloud dreams. And all I can say is fluff and pink cloud dreams suit me well… I mean… isn’t that what it’s all about? Finding something that can bring out the best in us, something that feels good, creates good and can be given to others? 

I had a friend ask me, “How do you keep it up? All the positivity and stuff?” My answer is simple, one day at a time. For me, anything else is a distraction. I surround myself with my tribe (like minded warriors of love and hope) and I make a conscious effort, everyday. Some days are easy and some are not, simple, right? It can be! It’s much easier when I let life work as designed and I don’t take every bump in the road so personal. 

Ps. It helps to be grateful for the bumps –


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