Step into change –

I realize it may look like bullshit sometimes, like I’m full of nothing, but fluff and pink cloud dreams. And all I can say is fluff and pink cloud dreams suit me well… I mean… isn’t that what it’s all about? Finding something that can bring out the best in us, something that feels good, creates good and can be given to others? 

I had a friend ask me, “How do you keep it up? All the positivity and stuff?” My answer is simple, one day at a time. For me, anything else is a distraction. I surround myself with my tribe (like minded warriors of love and hope) and I make a conscious effort, everyday. Some days are easy and some are not, simple, right? It can be! It’s much easier when I let life work as designed and I don’t take every bump in the road so personal. 

Ps. It helps to be grateful for the bumps –


Be willing for life to move –

Ups and downs will always exist, and my success in maneuvering through them depends on my ability to own any outcome. It doesn’t mean I “agree” with the circumstances, it just means I’m willing to work with whatever comes my way, for sanity sake – lol.  It doesn’t matter if  it’s what “I” wanted, there is still something in that moment to deal with, which means I still have a chance. It’s an ongoing process, and I choose it everyday. Hey… the fact that I’m thinking this way is huge! yep… pat on the back. It’s a must! I’m also really big on gratitude. Today, I’m grateful that I’m present ❤

This, life on life’s terms, thing is doable, but we don’t have to do it alone. Peace.

– Steph

She believed she could so she did.

Ok, so I missed a few days, but here I am! Seriously, I just have to share where my Life is right now. I was gifted this notebook last night, at an Essential Oils class my friend hosted – Of course, it’s just a “simple little notebook”, I mean… – DUDE! IT’S SO MUCH BIGGER…  for me this is the awesomeness that I get as I continue towards my goals… by using my intention and purpose. I get these little GEMS dropped my way that encourage me that I’m heading in the right direction. It felt like getting a GOLD STAR on my chore chart! It’s also a nudge to keep writing… just keep going… pen to paper – so thanks dude! The Universe just used your awesome class to delivery me a message ❤

This is how my life operates today… and most days when I choose it. That’s the thing… I have to be willing to open myself up to it everyday. I have to believe it’s out there and then it shows up. So now I’ll do the little disclaimer we all give — yes, life still has it’s ups and downs, and even my lows can have lows… BUT really? I’m tired of the disclaimer… we all know it’s there. What am I doing with my time? Where am I heading? Am I accepting myself today? Am I Loving others without expectations? On the days I do those things I get the results that help me thrive, and the “other” days stay away – so anyways… I’m sitting at the park with my yogurt, a few books, my planner and my new notebook…. It’s an AMAZING day! My eyes and heart are wide open. 

be Love, Steph

Ramblings… an ongoing daily thing… Day 1 – nothing big – *

I want to get better with writing and living so, I thought… I’ll do both – everyday, on here, and see what happens… if anything, it may entertain me and help me practice at the same time… perfect! Just to be clear here… I’m talking comfort zone crushed – willingly… honest and real, PLUS grammar issues and a lack of experience… excellent, right?! LOL – hey… I’ve got to start somewhere – I get it! 

– Steph – xo

Revised… already ** Ok, so it’s June 4th now, but I’m doing it… yep, jump… I’m ready to write… everyday… to improve – yep. 

Just me, being me –

I feel awkward in my life constantly, no joke. And my awareness of this feeling has increased by a million over the last few years. I have days where I’m more accepting of myself than others in this area. I think most people can relate to that in some degree, or maybe I’m just reaching for connection lol. Either way, for me it can be down right debilitating. I’m starting to see it, which is good – it means, if need be, I can start working on a solution. It means, I can talk about feeling awkward with other people who may feel the same way! I don’t know about you, but to me that is Magic… Helping eachother get through it all… yep. Ha! So, for now, I acknowledge you, My Awkwardness – and I’m not here to change you – just embrace you – for now ❤