Create confidence –

I’m good at stopping myself from doing things even before I start because as soon as I have an idea, I switch to… what will someone think, this will be hard work, I’d rather help someone else; self doubt, self-sabotage, and distraction. I get so overwhelmed and end up doing nothing, however, I convince myself I’ve done a lot and the world just sucks… and the cycle continues. The reality is, if I keep doing the same thing and expecting different results, I’m going to be let down every time. When I made the decision to hunt morel mushrooms it was a silly thought… I thought it was silly because it felt unachievable, even though I hadn’t tried. I hadn’t visited any woods at all… none…zero forested areas. But as this years season approached I decided to give it a whirl. Putting as much of the noisy chatter in my head, the “you look like an idiot”, away… I stepped into the woodsy arena and tasted a little self trust. Self trust? Yep… I trusted myself to try something new and to follow through… regardless of the outcome. I found nothing on my first attempt (or so I thought), but I must have planted a seed of hope… because a few weeks later I had the urge to try again. This time… about 20 minutes in I found a morel… and I stood there giddy with excitement and disbelief. I had done it — mission started and completed. Sooo… if I want to “be” something, I have to “be” it… I have to play the part… I have to step into the forest… more than once – 

ok… I can do this ❤


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