Even with obstacles I can always move forward… 

I’m learning that when I set a goal for myself there will be obstacles, brick walls, U-turns, and many other things, BUT most importantly, there will always be yellow lights (it’s still forward) 🙂 and green lights too. Sometimes it feels like some obstacles are bigger than others… they involve money or time, or things not easily accessible – right here, right now. I find, that can make or break me… “that” situation. The one that is not easily fixed, so now it’s impossible. Now the time thing joins in the mess, lol… instead of seeing it as an opportunity to look at something at entry level… I want to be the CEO now, so… I forget the small actions get me there and the worries of obstacles get me nowhere. So good… my thinking can be sooooo good sometimes (sarcasm) and yes, I’m am grateful beyond words to be able to play it out differently. I don’t want to be right today, I want to be happy. Time is going to pass regardless, so if I spend my time doing the small things in accordance to the big thing I seek – eventually I will get there… the impossibles do happen… only if I take actions towards them… one foot forward… ❤


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