When in doubt – Bake a lot of cookies.

If I want to do something – I have to start, and if I want to make it a “thing” in my life – I have to continue – every day. So yea… simple right? I mean truthfully it is – especially when I choose to be present in the moment and participate in my life. Do I have off days? Of course, but even those days are manageable now too.

Sweets haven’t always been my thing, but I’ve been craving warm chocolate chip cookies for a while – homemade ones. So I thought to myself, You can’t bake… go get that pre-cut dough it works, but … no. This time I wanted to make great cookies – crispy edges, cooked through and soft… chocolate that’s all melty and stuff — but I wanted to put love and life into the ingredients. Why? No idea, I just did… and I’m glad I went with it. I didn’t realize I was going to get so much more out of baking some cookies. 

The kitchen is my favorite place… I’m either in it and cooking something or nearby and cooking something… it makes me happy, plus I think about food all day — I think food brings people together in many ways. I absolutely love sharing a meal with friends and family. I’m starting to realize that there are little opportunities for life lessons in my favorite place too, which makes me really excited and happy. Then I start thinking, maybe it’s time for a fresh look on the walls, and instantly I realize this is good… I’m living and day dreaming again – (I am just baking cookies right?) 

I’ve definitely tried making cookies in the past, but it always seemed like so much work and I was never happy with the results. To me… a good cookie recipe (with a plan) is priceless and I didn’t have one up my sleeve. And since sweets haven’t always been my thing, I’ve never been motivated enough to figure it out. Until now… (why? I had no clue… yet). The first few attempts looked like cookies, but it was clear I still needed some practice — ok… a lot of practice. After a few more tries I finally had the results I was looking for and I was super happy. While I was enjoying the cookies, I started to replay the tape… It’s funny how life gives us opportunities to work on ourselves. We don’t always see it because sometimes it doesn’t look like what we think we need. Other times we may miss out because we get caught up or we ignore it (it’s not the sign you’re looking for anyways, right?) I mean…baking cookies has life answers? I finally surrenedered to the recipe and I ended up accomplishing something that has eluded me for years. It’s hard to believe that I was frustrated enough to walk away from the idea of achieving baking success… over a cookie.

This time around my attempt at making cookies was different, and it wasn’t the ingredients or the location… the difference was in me. I learned that the biggest hurdle starts with my attitude, and that each time the cookies didn’t turn out “good”, I could still find something that I liked about the “mistake” ones to enjoy. I found that repetition gets things done and builds confidence – it also produces amazing cookies if you don’t give up. It gave me the opportunity to ask for help and to dream big about reaching my goal. For me, all of this is huge because I followed through. I had a goal and I achieved it — eventually I was baking my version of a perfect cookie. 

I’m grateful that my desire for a cookie didn’t subside, especially after all the chocolate I ate while trying to pacify the cravings. This time around baking gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself and provided me with a boost of confidence as I move on to whatever life throws at me next. (It also gave me some damn good cookies)


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