My name is Steph – and this is my journey. 

I’ve started this many times, but here I go –

I guess I just couldn’t do it anymore… I hope this doesn’t get confusing, but I have to get this off my chest -out loud-….

I remember “coming to” in the treatment center, I wish I could say that I was relieved and excited — but I’m certain my anger and fear, were most likely,  more visible. My first thought? What in the world did I just do and how am I going to get out of this one? Wait, what did I just say to myself (out loud even)? So basically, I had just blindsided my family – I was about to walk away from them, my job, I didn’t want to live anymore and all I could muster in my brain was — you failed again — see…if I had reached for the drink instead of the phone…I wouldn’t be in this spot… 

 HOLD ON — pause 

The other side I didn’t see coming? … a side that wants to reach others in need – a side that knows that there is more to this journey… more to my story and I’m not finished yet — I just needed some help… a nudge. HOPE.

I’m grateful to have that HOPE today, and I hope to spread it around like sparkling confetti – it gets better, I promise. I can’t wait to share my experience as I go along in my journey. Just remember, There is no manual to help get you past whatever it is in your life that holds you back… get off the sidelines and tell the Coach you’re ready to play… you’ve still got it – get back in the game. Nobody can do it for you.


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