I will run with you –

Listen – I’ve got my shoes on and my laces tied and I’m ready to run with you stride for stride –             

The only problem is…you can’t hide.

But This I can promise – I’ll stick around – and if ever you need me, I can ALWAYS be found. 

There is nothing in our lives that We cannot overcome – We are never Alone ❤


New day, New thoughts – New opportunities.

Just One is all it takes and it *** WILL *** change your entire day – give it a chance… what do you really have to lose? Love yourself enough to try -If you don’t believe… just believe that I do and we’ll push on together – 

Things fluctuate, but so can I –

I have no problem doing things that I shouldn’t, and I fight like hell against everything else… (not required) –

It’s funny how I can tip toe around things… certain if I twist something a little bit more like “this” it may work out. All the while knowing that the true solution lies in acceptance and change…”But didn’t the world get the memo today? This is not the change I’m comfortable with… and the timing is horrible so…” I’m just being honest – but I realize the power is completely mine and as long as I continue to give it away… well, then I know what to expect. The reality is things fluctuate. They are not necessarily good or bad – they just are – and every one of them creates a plethora of new opportunities. I can deny them or I can find them… ultimately it’s completely up to me. 

This can only get better –

Life on life’s terms… seriously, sometimes this smacks me upside the head when I least expect it. It’s not always a blindside situation, no… life isn’t always hidden and unexpected. It’s just easier to convince myself it’s that way, so it feels better when things just don’t work out. The reality is it’s much easier to be honest with myself, learn and move on. 

Either way, accepting life on life’s terms allows me to stop taking responsibility for things not in my control (nobody asked for it, I just assumed the role) and it gives me the chance to put the focus on something I can — myself. That’s what I’m finding to be important in my life today – that I can accept where I’m at and try to be the best version of myself at that moment. 

So… I was fired on Friday… BUT I’m certain it’s for a bigger better reason – and I’m not just bullshitting… I believe it. Was I Angry? Hell yes… Hurt? Tremendously. Instantly I wanted to take that ick feeling and turn it back on someone else.  You know… “share” – but those motives and intentions are not on the path I’m taking and I’m grateful that I could Pause at that moment instead of reacting immediately and creating a mess… sometimes that pause ends up being the best choice for everyone involved. The best part? I didn’t have to completely lose my mind … 

The timing of this situation is perfect… it’s a part of my journey – Losing my job is an opportunity to learn how to deal with Life on Life’s Terms… What is my response?  Time to get honest with myself and remain teachable. Time to listen to my heart and share my experience as I go — life is going to to happen… but how I choose to react is completely up to me.

 I’m so grateful for my life ❤

Positive thinking, positive results —

When it comes down to it… I would rather foster my hopes towards knowing that the waves in my life, good or bad, are all opportunities – It’s ok to take a tough situation, own it (for your sake) and then completely turn it into something better or new… I’m finding in my own experience and seeing in others around me — that it is completely possible to find the positives in anything if my heart is open. We all get to choose how we look at something… I’m grateful to know that if I remain teachable and stay surrounded by positive people, I will always, always be OK — most importantly on those days when I’m struggling… they hold me up until I can stand again — see? Always a positive ❤

Change your lane –

Either way it takes time and energy. Do we all have damage? Yep. Do we all want to be healthier? Yep. Both options are endless and the only one who can make that choice for your life is… you. You might be used to damage control, but that doesn’t mean you can’t lace up your shoes and change lanes. Comfort and familiarity keep us tethered to places and memories that don’t belong…     The road? It’s wide open with Love and opportunities… and others…
I’m lacing up my shoes, you coming with?