Choose Your Own Adventure –

I love the idea of having a symbol to help ground me in a moment where I literally have no capacity to do it on my own. Do I use it? Most definitely. It’s a tool, like handing someone a hammer to hang a picture. Yes, one is mental and one is a material item – but they both accomplish something, a goal of sorts. To be honest… this is more than just a quick fix tool. I’m finding it to be a definitive way of thinking for my life – and I’m grateful to know that it’s about progress not perfection – yep. 

Do you remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? You’d start reading, and at some point, you were presented with a new situation and options to choose from that could turn your current Adventure into anything – and then you could choose again… and again. I loved those books, they were exciting – anything was possible and there was  no right way or wrong way about it. There lies the power in my emotional hunger — I can always choose a new adventure and I will absolutely be ok if I choose the wrong one… remember … just like in the book, eventually we get to choose again. Today, I’m grateful that I don’t have to read through 8 pages before I get new choices – no, today I can choose right now. Our stories will only be over when we say they are done. Nobody else has that control. Choose you and choose your own Adventure…

Ps. Life is going to happen, but we choose how we react to it.


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