Choose Your Focus-

There is always something I can focus on to keep my thinking moving in the right direction. We all have hardships in our life, but also have good things in our life too. No the good things will not override everything else, but they’re not meant too. Our lives have been filled with a plethora of situations and emotions – all of which we are meant to experience. Ultimately we have the personal choice on how we take it all on… today, my choice is to focus on the good and deal with the rest as it happens ❤️It’s going to be an AMAZING day!



Today, I’m grateful to be able to see failure as a new opportunity to help find whatever I’m seeking. I’m still not great at accepting failure, but all things get better with practice. If you want to get better at something specifically, well then you practice it even more. When I’m “failing”, I have found that nothing explodes, the world doesn’t end, and what I have left is myself doing all of the negative talking to — myself.  There is absolutely nothing that stops us from beginning again… and again… truthfully – I’m working on leaving the word failure to engines and stuff… things that are truly unfixable – I am not a failure – I am in the process of PRACTICING ❤️

Don’t turn back –

It’s called a setback or a stumbling block – it’s human… and how you react is completely up to you. Keep in mind – You’re not required to give up or stay stuck. Sometimes it seems easier to run back to what we remember, even if it’s not the outcome we want; Don’t mistake familiarity for safety. Be willing to take that risk ❤️

Let your life be, just as it is –

I get to choose my moments of happiness… when, where, how often etc. I can make it difficult on myself (and others) or I can keep stride and ride the waves – When I make an effort to find gratitude, I feel grateful constantly (Yep, even when I’m struggling) The opposite happens when I close myself off… Today, I don’t have to wait for everything to be perfect to be happy; My happiness can be found anytime I choose to create it ❤️

I can find freedom in my finding my part…

When the story is ugly and the truth of it is painful… Twisting, turning and trying to “rewrite” the past is NOT the answer. I have always, ALWAYS had a part. There is a freedom in researching and accepting my own part. A self created void cannot be filled with what I think it needs. Resentments? Of course. I could wallow in what I think others have not done for me or shout out what I think I deserve. However, the solution is – what part did I play?