The perception is mine…

I have a memory of hearing someone tell me “Life didn’t come with directions”, but when I think of that moment, I’m met with a ball of frustration in my chest – if that makes sense. It was like, that was the first time I felt I was being set up for failure. I’ve battled that feeling within myself since I could remember. I mean, everyone else around me seemed like they knew what they were doing, you know?Essentially, I created an environment, within myself, that survived on thinking that I was purposely setup to fail — and yet I didn’t even consider, that it was my own thinking breathing life into that beast. Today, I find freedom in not having directions — it’s like I’m on an even playing field. Better yet, I get to be free in knowing that the perception of success or failure, in my life, is my vision. It’s mine -Guys… we are exactly who we believe ourselves to be… 


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