Lift your anchor —

Choose to be the captain of your ship – create change, create hope – create your life. There is absolutely nothing greater than breathing life into your own sails – especially after you didn’t think you could. 

Here’s the cool part… Do you see me? Yep, that’s me out in the middle waving to you. I’m waiting, come on, let’s go – they haven’t lied to me yet ❤️


Give yourself a choice —

I have been waiting for something to click again… I’ve been stuck. By the way, “waiting” is huge progress for me! Yep. So anyway, I’ve been a mess… there it is plain and simple, but I forgot that is where the magic happens. I forgot to be grateful for the awareness. I forgot that it reminds me I’m not numb, and I can participate in my life – all of it… yes, all.

I forgot…

So there it is – so now what? Play the victim role clinging to shame? Stay stuck? Hell no! I would rather feel tired and aware versus stuck and hopeless – been there, done that. Today, my choice is to lean into the awareness and move on… remember, progress not perfection. Either way we’re moving forward –

— be patient, the payoff is huge.

Remember, happiness exists when and where we want it to. If you want a lot of happiness, you have to create the space. We are only confined by the walls we create – so own all of it – own every single drop of the magnificent being that you are – believe in it, yell it – I am magnificent. Not just the parts that you let me see, nope, all of you. Yes, even the tiniest hidden pieces 😉

Learn to rest…

It never crossed my mind that “resting” was an opportunity to find a solution to a problem. To me, resting was like wallowing in failure while sitting in a glass room, but quitting would keep me moving and out of sight. I was certain that I needed to run to the next thing – as soon as something wasn’t working, run… the quicker the better – the next thing would work, it had to…

… resting is vulnerable, uncomfortable, and it’s exactly what I need –  I don’t want to do it, but I already know what happens with the other route. I have nothing to lose, so — resting it is ❤️