You are meant for it too.

I was certain, that all of the bad in my life, was my version of the good, but…

I guess there was a bigger plan, because I found people who told me I wasn’t alone, and they said I would be OK. Hell, I didn’t even know I was lost. However, I did know, life was not working. So, I listened. They taught me how to love myself, and how to trust myself. They said they thought the same way I did, but now, they could look at themselves in the mirror and smile. They said everything wasn’t perfect, but they were grateful to wake up every morning. They said, I was meant for the good. All I know is, everything I saw in their eyes was telling me to believe them. Ultimately, I had to make that choice for myself. What I’ve realized is, I’ve been surrounded by the good this entire time, I just didn’t know how to recognize it ❤️

It takes a village, look for your tribe.


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